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Debt Collection

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Debt collection is a legitimate and necessary business activity through which creditors and collectors are able to take reasonable steps to secure payment from consumers who are legally bound to pay or to repay money they owe. At Tannehill & Carmean, we treat debtors and third parties fairly and with respect and courtesy. We do not harass or coerce them, treat them unconscionably or mislead them as to the nature of their debt, their legal obligations or any possible outcomes if the debt is not paid. We are aware of the laws surrounding debt collection and we strive to be in strict compliance with them.

Tannehill & Carmean has extensive experience collecting various types of pre-charge-off and secondary debt, including consumer/personal loans, credit card debt, payday loans and installment loans for companies. We have proven expertise managing primary and secondary collections for our clients. We have experience collecting debt on behalf of the Mississippi Tax County Assessors Office and the Mississippi State Tax Commission. Currently, Tannehill & Carmean is in charge of debt collection for both the city of Oxford and New Albany, Mississippi and for a number of businesses statewide.

Our collection procedure emphasizes multiple contact attempts to ensure that every possible effort is made to contact the debtor. All accounts are worked daily. Specific call times are allocated for various creditors’ accounts as agreed in the service contract. Our full-time collection staff calls every account in our system one to three times daily. After the initial contact is made, follow-up letters and telephone calls are automatically scheduled to maintain continuity of contact and to ensure that each account is worked to its fullest potential for collection.

Tina Barkley, an experienced debt collector, was hired in November of 2006 to head up the law firm’s debt collection department. Tina joined Tannehill & Associates, PLLC in April of 2005. When Tannehill & Carmean, PLLC decided to relocate the collections department to the main office, Tina joined the team as Director of Collections.

Tina’s philosophy on debt collection:

"I truly believe that those going through financial difficulties have the right to maintain their dignity, therefore I strive to treat others as I would want to be treated."

If your business is in need of recovering outstanding debt, contact Tina Barkley for an appointment today.